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How to Localise Multimedia Content

Video and multimedia content consumption experienced a huge growth, especially following these passed 2 years of lockdowns and restrictions. The development of video platforms is increasing: IGTV (Instagram TV), Video Pins by Pinterest, TikTok etc. Digital content...

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Hallo everyone! Today, let’s talk about German.

WHY GERMAN? German counts 130 million speakers. It is the official language of Germany, but it is also widely spoken in other countries of the EU: Austria, Belgium, and Luxembourg, Poland and even small parts of Belgium and Italy (specifically, the South Tyrol...

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Why New Businesses in The EU Should Go Multilingual

When launching a business most people adopt a one-country approach. This helps understanding fast if the product or service offered will work. It is definitely a great way to go, however, in Europe, setting the intention of creating a multilingual and multi-cultural...

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Let’s Talk About French.

Bonjour everyone! Today, let’s talk about French. WHY FRENCH? French counts around 270 million speakers, 80 of which are native. French is the official language of France, and of other 29 countries! Also, people speak it in many other countries. Canada is the...

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Let’s Talk About Arabic.

Ahlan everyone! Today, let’s talk about Arabic. WHY ARABIC? Arabic counts 422 million speakers in both the Arab and non-Arab World. This makes it the 5th most spoken languages in the World, and it is one of the six official languages of the United Nations. There...

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Let’s Talk About Italian.

Ciao everyone! Today, let’s talk about Italian. WHY ITALIAN? Italian counts between 63 million and 85 million speakers. It is among the 21 most widely spoken languages in the World. Most Italians, of course, live in Italy. But there are many native Italian speaker who...

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The Importance of Having a Glossary.

The importance of having a glossary is sometimes underrated. But to ensure a high-quality translation, it is essential that the client clearly states what they want to achieve. In the perfect circumstances, the client would provide a style guide with information about...

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Let’s Talk About Dutch.

Hoi everyone! Today, let’s talk about Dutch. WHY DUTCH? Dutch counts around 23 million native speakers of Dutch worldwide. It is spoken in the Netherlands, Belgium and Suriname. Dutch is also an official language of Aruba, Curaçao and St Maarten. Even...

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