Translation & localisation

Entering a new market is a big step. Succeeding in an increasingly global content environment means you need to get your message, service or product to the right people. We help you achieve that, on any platform.


We work with professional, highly trained translators and content specialists. Each member of our in-house team has at least 8 years of experience in various content fields.


Rigorous quality measures ensure that your content is up to your standards. Our translators need to go through a 3-step recruitment process, and further trainings are offered to provide the best service.


We currently offer translations in over 80 languages, including all major languages, as well as smaller dialects. Additional languages can also be added on demand.

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Subtitling & transcription

Localisation does not stop at textual content. From small cutdowns to entire movies and conference videos, we handle it all.


Webzlab is all about technology, but when it comes to subtitling and transcription, our trust is in human input. Therefore, all the work is done by our transcriptionists and subtitling specialists. All assets go through several checkpoints.


We work with any and all file formats: mp3, wav, wma, wmv, avi, flv, mpg, mpeg, mp4, m4a, m4v, mov, ogg, webm, aif, aiff, amr, 3gp, 3ga, mts, ovg. Verbatim or non-verbatim? Also no problem.


Getting the best quality does take time, but thanks to Webzlab’s efficiency-tested processes, you will get your audio-visual content localised fast.

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Words do have power. Every single one of them. Therefore, it’s crucial that all your textual content is carefully thought through, from call-to-action buttons and targeted emails to unique selling points and longer descriptive copy or social media posts.


Make a difference with the right content. Webzlab’s copywriters are highly skilled and experienced. We carry out thorough market research to ensure a powerful message.


Webzlab provides catchy, SEO-friendly and informative source copy creation services. Next to marketing value, we focus on technical details, to ensure your content will not only stand out, but will also drive traffic to your platform.


We offer copywriting in over 60 languages, including all major languages, as well as smaller dialects. Additional languages can also be added on demand.

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Validation & quality control

Quality is essential, regardless of the content type. Webzlab is equipped to assist your internal content team. With scalable solutions, we provide extra assurance for the consistency of tone of voice and terminology. Our validators are ready to reach the same level knowledge as your internal teams.


Thanks to our constantly evolving internal training processes, your content will have the same tone of voice as if your own language team tackled it.

Webzlab focuses on providing the best training to ensure we can support your business growth.


Kick off projects of any size in terms of volume and number of languages.

Webzlab’s language teams will be able to scale up in no time.


Lead linguists ensure that all members of a language team possess the same knowledge as your own creative team.

You can be involved in the selection process; pick the linguist profiles you like the best.

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An extra pair of eyes can make all the difference. Webzlab’s proofreading service provides just that. We ensure that content localised by your internal teams or another vendor gets thoroughly reviewed to improve general readability and eliminate the change of any accidental mistakes.


Ensure the best possible quality by having additional rounds of reviews.

Webzlab can take care of those final touches.


Proofreading is also great to ensure that any terminology inconsistencies are caught before your localised content goes live.


Proofreading is known to boost overall performance of any text type.

Webzlab’s proofreaders focus on readability, as well as basic SEO rules.

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Editing is a form of copywriting. It essentially means that your already existing content gets a little touch-up by experienced copywriters.


Editing not only updates and refreshes your content but can also improve general SEO value.

Webzlab’s editors are equipped with the most up-to-date tooling to make this happen.

Up to date

Next to SEO value, you might also want to ensure that your content is current and relevant to your audience.

Times change quickly, and any outdated content can send the wrong message. Webzlab’s editors can sweep through your existing content to keep it fresh and impactful.


Editing already existing content is not too time-consuming and is generally viewed as a good investment.

Webzlab provides quick, impactful and efficient services.

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Content strategy

Make well-informed decisions when entering new markets. Webzlab provides strategic content consulting to empower your business.


We ensure that your product or service reaches the right audience, the right way.

Webzlab’s market specialists can help you choose the right approach and the right content type.


The right content can increase the impact of your intended message tenfold.

Webzlab can also help you with adjusting, updating and redesigning your existing content to increase its impact and reach.


Planning is an essential stage and should precede any concrete action.

A thorough market analysis will provide you with valuable insights.

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Usability testing

Consulting with your audience can lead to powerful insights. Usability testing lets you see your product or service through the eyes of your customers. Webzlab provides both online and offline testing, backed up by state-of-the-art technology and tooling.


Usability testing often leads to unique insights as to what your audience might be struggling with.

Webzlab’s specialists will conduct usability sessions to find out how your audience interacts with your service, platform or product.


Unique insights lead to great opportunities to optimise your content.

Webzlab’s experienced testing team will provide you with easy-to-read reports and detailed action points.


Improvements made to your content can have a major impact.

Results can be immediate. We suggest measuring impact with A/B testing. Webzlab can help you with that too.

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Cultural consultation

Understanding a market as a whole will lead you understanding your audience. There are countless cultural taboos and pitfalls that you can easily avoid by cultural consultation.


Our cultural consultants can provide you with unique insights so you can adapt your brand in a meaningful way.

Cultural consultants work closely with market researchers to ensure that you have a true 360 vision on each aspect of a new market.


From imagery to the logic and structuring of your content, small details make a big difference and ensure that your content is relevant in each of your markets.

Webzlab will help you get it right.


Small adjustments can be impactful. We provide easy-to-follow, step by step reports on changes.

Webzlab’s consultants possess all the current cultural knowledge that will help you provide an impactful message.

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