The importance of high quality photos

by | Sep 16, 2019 | Uncategorized

Why all the hassle?

When it comes to showcasing your products and services online, a picture is way more than just a thousand words – it’s the potential for thousands in sales. In our age of increasingly visual culture and social media, high quality photos aren’t a luxury, they’re an absolute necessity for success.

Nobody buys products easily without seeing them first; the more photos the better. Even for something as simple as a tube of toothpaste, people want to see how it looks, how other people are using it, and most importantly, how it ‘changes the life’ of other people.

Let’s say you want to market your new toothpaste line; taking photos of the product itself might not be enough. You need images of happy, smiling people that just used your product.


Get it right from the very beginning

When planning your website, be sure to budget for tasteful, high-quality photos, aligning with your brand image. It will make a significant difference in how your company is being perceived.

Let’s not forget the different platforms either. Some photos might display nicely on the desktop version of your website; however, the same quality image might look absolutely terrible on the mobile version (tablets, phone browsers).


How do I get good quality images?

You have several options. There are dozens of companies providing stock photos, the easiest way is to purchase visuals from them. However, if you want unique photos because you have some unique ideas on how to best showcase your product, or you simply don’t want to use the same visuals as your competitors, you can hire a professional photographer. You may also decide to take the photos yourself.


Quality increases credibility and trust. Visitors tend to make a snap decision; you might literally have just seconds before someone clicks away.


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