Content Curation

Validation & quality control

Quality is essential, regardless of the content type. Webzlab is equipped to assist your internal content team. With scalable solutions, we provide extra assurance for the consistency of tone of voice and terminology. Our validators are ready to reach the same level knowledge as your internal teams.



Thanks to our constantly evolving internal training processes, your content will have the same tone of voice as if your own language team tackled it.

Webzlab focuses on providing the best training to ensure we can support your business growth.



Kick off projects of any size in terms of volume and number of languages.

Webzlab’s language teams will be able to scale up in no time.



Lead linguists ensure that all members of a language team possess the same knowledge as your own creative team.

You can be involved in the selection process; pick the linguist profiles you like the best.

Let’s get in touch to discuss how Webzlab can help you ensure the highest quality.


An extra pair of eyes can make all the difference. Webzlab’s proofreading service provides just that. We ensure that content localised by your internal teams or another vendor gets thoroughly reviewed to improve general readability and eliminate the change of any accidental mistakes.



Ensure the best possible quality by having additional rounds of reviews.

Webzlab can take care of those final touches.



Proofreading is also great to ensure that any terminology inconsistencies are caught before your localised content goes live.



Proofreading is known to boost overall performance of any text type.

Webzlab’s proofreaders focus on readability, as well as basic SEO rules.

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Editing is a form of copywriting. It essentially means that your already existing content gets a little touch-up by experienced copywriters.



Editing not only updates and refreshes your content but can also improve general SEO value.

Webzlab’s editors are equipped with the most up-to-date tooling to make this happen.


Up to date

Next to SEO value, you might also want to ensure that your content is current and relevant to your audience.

Times change quickly, and any outdated content can send the wrong message. Webzlab’s editors can sweep through your existing content to keep it fresh and impactful.



Editing already existing content is not too time-consuming and is generally viewed as a good investment.

Webzlab provides quick, impactful and efficient services.

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